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Perfect body camouflage

Perfect body camouflage

30 ML

Brilliant fluid camouflage base, water resistant, easy to apply. This unique formula does not stain your clothes. Natural concealer for a variety of skin ailments including capillaries, acne, psoriasis, vitiligo, blemishes, birthmarks, chromatic dissimilarities and tattoos. Great for photo/ video shooting or simply when you wish to have a skin that looks “like porcelain”. 

Formulated with: Hyaluronic Acid, smart biotechnological filler that regulates the skin pH; Bohenic Acid, extracted from the plant of Morniga Oleifera, with smoothing and moisturizing properties; Glycerol, that makes an emollient barrier for the skin, but highly water-repellent for external agents; Lecithin, vegetable phospholipid derived from soy and wheat, helps to maintain the skin elasticity while coordinating the action of pigments and waxes which are needed to make cohesive the complex formula of this product; Vitamin E, with antioxidant and anti-radical properties. 

→ suitable for all skin types 

→ face and body

→ 4 nuances

→ 30-80% coverage 

→ SPF30 

→ water resistant 

→ brush K on body – brush B on face