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    Perfector Tone Powder

    Superlative texture with a “velvety touch” and transparent look and made with a careful blend of refined raw materials, composed of spherical powders treated and mixed together to give fluidity lightness and excellent softness to your male-up. The moisturizing and protective oils take care of the skin making it hydrated. It contains two very important active oils that are anti-free radicals and anti-age:

    Maki Green blue blocker that protect against damaging blu rays and Regu age for an anti-age action. It can also be used to fix cream foundation on a mixer or  oily skintype.

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    Lipstick Elipxir

    A practical lipstick with a dual action, thanks  to  the special multi-functional  stick -core inserted  in the centre, making it a practical, fast  and swift  application of treatment and colour, for healthy and  hydrated lips.

    All that you could desire in one unique stick! 

    Lip-care + lip-colour. New formula with Soft Focus Complex to minimise imperfections of the skin and fine wrinkles. Externally it is a  lipstick  rich in oils, luminous, supe-creamy and light. Internally a mix of elastomeric waxes expertly mixed with active ingredients hydrate and give elasticity to the lips releasing anti-age and anti-pollution effects.

    Contains: Maxi-liptm, a patent that stimulates  the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid. 

    A mix of natural and synthetic waxes: adherent   thin film; mix of ester and polymers: creamy  light texture; Soft focus complex, gives texture  minimises imperfections of the skin for an  effect   of  plump lips  without  wrinkles.  A pool of hydrating  and  anti-age oils. The  application  of Elipxir  X-lip Care super creamy  and comfortable   is an intriguing, an ultra-sensory experience  for protected lips, regenerated and coloured, by extreme luminosity!

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    Wax lips

    3 ML  MKL’s wonder lip wax, an excellent “anti-dripping” base to provide lipsticks and glosses with durability. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, a biotechnological filler that regulates skin pH while volumizing and moisturizing your lips.  → Available in 1 nuance: Rose 
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    Lipstick 113N

    4,5 ML The new generation lipstick, protective and volumizing. Formulated with the highest quality, certified natural ingredients to bring luscious, healthy color to your lips.  Enriched with MAXI-LIPTM, a patented ingredient that stimulates collagen synthesis.