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    Fondo Seta Silk Touch

    30 ML 


    Foundation Silk Touch

    the anti-age silkiness

    Silk touch is a liquid foundation with a hydrating and anti-age effect. The silky-soft  texture like slippery silk gives a comfortable coverage to the face that lasts all day. Silk touch reinvents the very idea of a foundation thanks to the natural effect of the modular coverage. It contains two very important anti-radical and anti-aging active ingredients: Maki Green blue blocker for a blue anti-light protection. Regu for anti-aging effect.

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    Fard demi matt tattoo

    6,5 G This NEW blush easy stick is enriched with vegetal oils and E vitamin. Its extremely soft texture combined with the latex sponge at the other far end (easy stick), makes for easy-to-blend application. The strong pigmentation allows you to apply lightly for an elegantly subtle glow, or increase color for a dramatically bold look. Ideal for all skin tones and shades. → 4  nuances: Pesco, Ciliegio, Noce & Bronzo → suitable for dry and mature skin → water resistant → paraben and fragrance free
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    Soft mousse foundation

    30 ML  Cover make-up Matt cream with a light texture and small air bubbles in; when you spread it on your skin the effect is soft and uniform. It’s an excellent product for an intoxicated and asphyxiated skin; it has a luminous and velvety longer-lasting appearance.  For an optimal result we recommend using slightly Primer MKL. → 2 nuances: light, medium → cover 15% → SPF 6 → brush F
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    Lipmatt tattoo vegetarian&vegan

    5 ML Confortable weightless LIQUID LIPSTICK, providing a homogeneous and very long lasting matte finish on your lips. MKL technology has assembled this unique texture so to increase the comfort and delay as much as possible the “dry feeling” often caused by matte formulas. Excellent spreadibility boosted by emollients made out of renewable sources, such as sugar and coconut. Intense and posh matte effect enhanced by Diatomaceous earth, made of microporous siliceous fragments of fossilized skeletal remains of aquatic algae, known as diatoms. The super-absorbency feature is made possible by its microporous structure.   → variety of nuances: begonia, narciso, gerbera, primula; lilla, violet, blu/viola; bronze, cherry.
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    Nail polish

    10 ML Nail polish coordinated with GlassExtreme A collection of trendy nuances and 3 basic colors for an immediate reaction to a nail problem: ∙ CREME corrects dyschromia and other flaws by strengthening deep your nails, thanks to vegetal oils mixed with keratin. ∙ CRYSTAL, bright base & topcoat, dries even faster, with UV filters for an anti-yellowing effect. ∙ NUDE, for a natural finish, matte and long lasting. →Available in a variety of nuances
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    Lip contour pencil

    2 GR Formulated to glide on easily, MKL’s lip pencils deliver even depth of color and real stay-ability. The color pigments work in harmony with lipsticks to create dramatic glow effects. This gentle formula is perfect for the most sensitive lips. → Available in a variety of nuances.